About BlackBelt

Todd Schimmers - Guitar

Mike Busse - Guitar/Vocals

Greg Ashauer - Drums

Luke Hartjes - Bass/Vocals


From Appleton, WI  BlackBelt YelloBelli features a unique blend of Classic/Modern and Alt. Rock genres in its music with a distinctive original sound. The upfront sound of BBYB melds together appealing grooves, wily hooks and memorable melodies. The seasoned lineup of performers wield an infectious yet dynamic style of straight up rock and roll and a sprinkle of hard blues while featuring extraordinary arrangements. The band's live shows offer a mix of mostly original music but also a variety of cover tunes ranging from classic rock to contemporary rock.

BlackBelt formed in 2015 as a trio (Mike Busse- Guitar/Vocals, Todd Schimmers- Bass and Tom Sauter- Drums) playing covers from their favorite groups and starting to sketch out the early beginnings of writing original music. Luke Hartjes (Bass) and Greg Ashauer (Drums) later joined the group in 2016. After that Schimmers assumed the lead guitar role which solidified the current lineup.

The group released its debut 'self-titled' LP on July 20th, 2018 which features 10 original songs including their first single 'She's Divine'. The full length album was recorded at Rock Garden Studio in late 2017 with engineer Marc Golde and was later mastered in Spring 2018 by Justin Perkins (Mystery Room Mastering).

BlackBelt YelloBelli is currently working on a follow up EP effort and released their latest single 'Easy' on May 24th, 2019.

For booking/press kit info please contact the band directly via the Contact link on the band's homepage. Be sure to follow the BlackBelt blog and also sign up for the mailing list here on the website!